Welcome to version 4.1 of Andy's home page.  This is a jumping-off point for my Internet presence, such as it is. I used to use my home page for hosting pictures, little funky java apps, and other little projects. These days I use Flickr for the pictures, and a blog for any ramblings, so there is not much left for my home page, except to link everything together and to host java things which Flickr won't do.   Click on a link below to see one of these web projects, software I have developed, my web cam or other sites I have worked on. Try not to get too bored.

Style Choices: Modern White or My Traditional Blue.

(Problems? Email "webmaster" at this domain. This version was updated on March 1st 2007. I've now removed most of the JavaScript, using a different technology to "pre-build" the pages before posting them.)
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