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Flickr is a next generation picture sharing web site (aka "Web 2.0"). There are several reasons why I chose this site to display my pictures instead of just loading them directly onto this site. One big reason is the ability to tag pictures with keywords and search them, Flickr provides RSS feeds of pictures, allows me access to the originals, and has "groups" to share them and to discuss pictures. One of the biggest things is that you don't need an account to access the pictures, but you can make them private if you want. The Flickr API is also fantastic - there are so many people who are writing quirky little web things to use Flickr (e.g. the Yahoo! picture frame widget, and these Flickr toys.

On the left is the last picture I posted to Flickr...

Click here to see my complete photo-stream on Flickr. Enjoy!

Flickr API

Flickr has a programming API which enables people like me to access pictures and features of Flickr programmatically - there are lots of cool applications and programs out there. See the software page for my TiVo/Flickr viewer.

I also did this FireFox Search Enginer for Flickr - click here to add Flickr Tags to the search engins availabe in FireFox.

Three random Flickr pictures of mine:
Built on: Sunday, 27-Jan-08 14:32:41 PST

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